Both Ways Cosmetics is an exciting luxury unisex brand of makeup and cosmetics. All of our products are E.U registered and have not been tested on animals.


Our Story

The founders of the brand are reality TV star Marnie Simpson and her boyfriend singer Casey Johnson. After years of watching boys putting make up on in the Geordie Shore house, Marnie came up with the idea of launching a range of cosmetics to suit both males and females. Casey who has been singing in bands such as Union J and Stereokicks for many years is used to wearing makeup for his many gigs, TV appearances and photoshoots. He agreed and thought it was a brilliant idea and Both Ways was born.

Casey says “Men wearing make up is like a hidden secret. You go to a nightclub and I guarantee a bunch of men are wearing it but will never admit to it. It's daunting to go into a department store as a male and to ask people on the makeup counter what to use. With Both Ways you can order online and get it delivered to your house without having to walk around the shops feeling uneasy and nervous. Both Ways carries products which look natural on male and female faces and it's a great unisex brand.”

Marnie says “This brand has been my dream and I am so glad it's come to life! Men often get forgotten when it comes to cosmetics and hopefully we can break the stereotype. This brand isn’t just for men either! Women can wear it too as everything is unisex, the items and colours are suitable for either sex. I love all of the items on the site and have hand picked them myself. Shortly we will also launch a MASC and FEM section on the website which will just cover products specifically for male and females respectively.”


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